Fixing issues with your smartphone: battery problems

Batteries are one of the components of a mobile device most prone to various problems. That is why it is essential to understand what is causing them, how these problems can be fixed and avoided in the future.

Battery Life

Modern devices use Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. It is not a big issue when you are charging a traditional laptop and using it while working, things go wrong when you try to do the same, and also it is advised to leave your phone alone while it is on charge. The purpose of this point is to get us familiar with the concept of how we can manage the battery so well.

Mobile devices have a rating of how long their battery can power up the device during normal use, how long the battery can run between charges and the levels of power the battery requires.

Although the number advertised by the device makers is generally a good place to look at, the figures are suspicious. The typical review site will tell you how long the device survives while performing some heavy-duty tasks like live HD video streaming and so on. If you are in charge of dealing with customers, you may need to face a lot of users with various demands. Make sure you recommend a device, whose battery and device last at least 20% longer than others.

If it comes to the point that, there is no existing device in the market that meets the user’s need, you might want to suggest getting a spare battery, and/ or an external portable battery recharger. They are also known as power pack, portable charger, external battery and so on. They are useful when there is no available outlet.

Battery management

When it comes down to battery management, you want to ask two questions. How long will the battery last and how long the battery can meet your need until you need a replacement. On the bright side, you can optimize both of these simultaneously. You may not be aware of this but you can waste the battery on features that you may not be using or need at all, which consumes the battery and you need to recharge sooner than necessary, as well as, that extra recharge cycle shortens the battery lifespan. You can check your battery usage stat via the battery usage monitor and see what is draining it the most.