Why purchasing the cheapest goods will not help you to save money?

The life situations can be different and many people have to get the cheapest goods or, otherwise, they will not be able to buy any. Yet, there are many people willing to purchase cheap goods even if they can afford more expensive ones.

As you can imagine, there are many psychological mechanisms making people make such decisions. The strongest one is probably an urge to acquire as much material things as possible which is strongly fuelled by the modern culture of consumerism. Such decisions are also supported by a psychological comfort of having more things for the amount of money which could have been spent on a just one good. Yet, such a financial practice is not desirable if you want to save your money and generally have a more fulfilling life.

Purchasing food and cosmetics with large discounts

Whether food and beauty products are offered with a discount which is available for a purchase of a single product or it is working for getting a larger amount of such products, you should not rush into shopping without any second thoughts.

Usually people have a huge impulse to purchase such goods with discounts explaining it with a need for them as they will be finished quickly and they will have to buy them again anyway. Yet, in many cases, the expiration date comes before you start consuming the next item purchased with a discount and you just have to throw the goods away. In such a way, you certainly waste more money than you wanted to save.

There is nothing wrong with such discounts, but you should be very precise about the exact amount of such products. If the expiration date is short, it might be better even not to buy such goods at all in order to avoid their waste.

Purchasing cheap clothes

Undeniably, there are brands offering affordable clothes of a quite high quality and there is absolutely nothing wrong in buying such goods. Still, for the majority of products there is a strong correlation between the price and quality.

Unfortunately, the majority of cheap goods will either have their appearance deteriorated rather quickly or can get thus destroyed that you will not even be able to use it anymore. This is especially true in the case of shoes and bags. Needless to say, the impact of such financial choices on the natural environment is also detrimental.

Actually, in the majority of cases it is better to pay more for a piece of clothes or accessory and enjoy it for several seasons than to buy goods which might not last even for an entire season.

You should also be careful about various discounts for clothes and accessories which are working only if you purchase several goods at a time. It is a good idea to use them if only you are absolutely sure all of the items you are going to buy with such a discount are needed. Otherwise, there you are risking to spend more money on purchasing a single item which you really need.

Purchasing cheap electronics or household appliances

For this category of products, it is especially important to get items of a high quality. You certainly can find a variety of cheap goods which presumably have the same features as more expensive ones. In the reality, there is a large difference between such goods.

First of all, even though a cheaper good might work properly, you might be dissatisfied by its quality at once. For instance, you might find the quality of a camera of a rather cheap smartphone absolutely poor and be willing eventually to buy another smartphone of a better quality which will make you pay more money for it.

Another popular problem with cheap electronics especially household appliances is a more primitive technology they are using which usually results in a greater energy consumption. Using such items at home can lead to a situation in which you will have to pay several times more for electricity than you would do with a more expensive appliance.

Finally, you can also take into consideration the fact, in all likelihood, you will have to fix such goods more frequently.

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  1. Definitely. buying cheap products will equate to going to the store more often and buying the product again

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