Troubleshooting common issues with mobile devices

Mobile devices are everywhere. The demand for mobile devices is ever-rising. So does the demand for their troubleshooting. The demand for the people in tech for dealing and troubleshooting is equally demanding. We will look at some of the common issues mobile devices face once in a while. Whether it is for you or your client, these discussion gives you the heads up you need.

Data usage and connectivity issues

The very first thing, if every other device does not have a connection, you want to check the source, like the router. If you have a network signal on your router but do not work on one of your devices, the problem is device-specific. Particularly for mobile devices, you want to be on the lookout for some issues mentioned here.

We will talk about these issues in regards to the cellular signals, but the very first issue applies to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network connection issues. For most of the part, this is hard to fix these connection issues directly, but you will come across a point that messed up the whole connection.

The most widely faced issue with mobile devices is the weak signal. Neither you nor the mobile devices can’t do much if you are even sitting on top of the router but the signal is too poor. Other than this, if you are in a deeply layered building, between skyscrapers, dwindling in the no-man’s-land between the cell towers in a populated area, or any such scenario signals ought to be weak. One primary reason for the poor signal is, that the signal just simply dropped, delays or slow transmission speeds, and a device frequently searches for a signal.

In such cases, you can’t do much but monitor it. There are cellular signal boosters you can buy, but these are of crazy value in most situations. They are useful only when the user is close to the cell tower and static. If the user is traveling or moving around a lot, it is not quite useful.

Note that the signal issue can be caused by some other factors like the device’s slow performance, slow data connectivity, as well as the hardware factors like CPU, RAM, etc. Which may struggle to keep the network stable and solid. Another one is the overloaded network. This is common to face in large public gatherings. Another one is the limitation set by your carrier or ISP. You may face slow data speed while roaming because the carrier of the network you are roaming on, limits the data rates for the non-subscribers.

Sound issues from the speakers

Sound issues are quite common in mobile devices. The most common and obvious ones are the ones where the user accidentally muted the volume or turned down the volume, did it intentionally and forgot to turn them back up, or some app did it to serve its purpose fluently. There are easy fixes for these, but most of the time requires going through layers of configuration settings for both the device and apps to figure out which one is controlling the volume right at the moment or which one mutes the speaker.

Depending on the device, the device may have separate settings for the media, call volume, notifications, and more. Yet, you need to be careful because you may change the other one that you did not intend to change. Some of the mobile devices have their own dedicated hardware media controls on them and you want to check for the settings there as well.

If they don’t fix the issue, go to the configuration settings for the device and apps. If none of these works, chances are you have a hardware issue and the speakers are damaged for some reason or got disconnected from the source inside the device. As with all other issues, you will need to take the device to a service centre or a mobile technician.