Ethereum vs Bitcoin What to know before you buy?

Ethereum ETH – Bitcoin BTC buying aspects, Both are blockchain technologies. Bitcoin as a decentralized digital gold and Ethereum as a form of a decentralized network. Ethereum vs Bitcoin What to know before you buy?

Ethereum vs Bitcoin

As we all know, the mega face of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Bitcoin ruled the market for many years as there was no strong competitor. For many years, Bitcoin was the one keeping the crypto market value but now there are other big competitors as well such as Etereum founded by twenty years old Vitalik Buterin.

Ethereum became such a success only in five months and captured an enormous market share in cryptocurrency. People think that this debate is about Ethereum vs Bitcoin but actually both are widely adopted applications related to blockchain which makes the debate about Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In the first month of the year, January 2021 the Bitcoin had sixty eight% of the market and on the other side, Ethereum had only ten%. In May 2021, bitcoin goes down to forty two% while Ethereum raise to nineteen%. Bitcoin is a form of digital gold whereas Ethereum is a form of a decentralized network. This network consists of a number of individuals all over the world also known as minors. Minors are paid individuals who play their part in keeping the provided network safe.

Purpose of Ethereum and Bitcoin

The purpose of Bitcoin was to decentralize the whole control of money, so the decentralization of digital gold took place by bitcoin. Ethereum took one step further and provided a global decentralized computer that can vigilantly handle money, services and product efficiently at the same time.

Some major points for better understanding:


  • Ethereum is a platform while Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency.
  • Ethereum transactions consist of executable codes while Bitcoin-related transactions are monetary.
  • The ethereum has taken inspiration from Bitcoin and took it to step further.
  • Ethereum offers faster transactions as compared to Bitcoin.

Main Differences:

The first difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is the purpose of development. Bitcoin helps people to transfer amounts to each other without the involvement of a bank. Ethereum offers a general blockchain application enabling a number of functions at the same time through smart contracts.

The second difference is about the flexibility. Ethereum is quite a flexible platform that instead of BBitchoin blockchain people started to hold their Bitcoins on Ethereum. On the other hand, Ethereum cannot be held on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The third difference is about speed. Bitcoin is slow as compared to Ethereum as the block of Ethereum runs at fourteen seconds and Bitcoins blocks at ten minutes. The transaction speed also varies drastically as Ethereum’s transactions pop up at the speed of only five minutes and Bitcoins transactions take about forty minutes to complete.


The main key is to understand the point that Bitcoin and Ethereum are alike in some aspects but actually are different ideas serving different purposes. Therefore, before buying one must know about Ethereum vs Bitcoin.