Troubleshooting Mobile Devices

It is no wonder how mobile devices are widely used in the times we are living. From the grab of a kid to the elderly, everywhere, everybody has their head nodded into the mobile phone. Due to the flexible and portable nature of mobile devices, we can carry them anywhere as well as carry our tasks out and get them done on the go.

For this very reason, mobile devices tend to go through a lot more than any of their larger relatives like desktops, Laptops, and even more than tablets as well. Other than these, aging brings forth various issues as well. Let’s see some of the common issues and how we can take care of them in-house as possible.

Heating and Overheating

Mobile devices often heat up due to various reasons. One of them is when the device is on charge, performing heavy-duty tasks, playing games for a while, a big chunk of data transfer, video call, streaming some cool HD video, these can incredibly lead to some heating and they are considered okay and no one ever had any serious issue with that much heat. Things are concerning when the heat is a little too hot than usual.

Mobile device heat often adds up from external factors like the environment, and body. They generate some internal heat anyway, on top of that, these external factors adding up can cause some potential issues like overheating. Due to overheating, can potentially kill your battery, drain it, cause heavy damage to any of the internal components and some extent can cause damage to your body as well.

If a device is overheating to the point that can literally burn anyone. That is a serious issue you need to address before things go out of hand, into the frying pan, and on to the paramedics. Most of the time such overheating issue comes from any hardware-related issue, defective component, battery, and such. In such a case, your back is against the wall and you need to let it go. Not addressing them can lead to a huge chunk of data loss, and device failure. Some more extent can burn or shock you, leaving you with a thrill on your face. Note that, the phone can even explode, spilling batter acid and fire around to such extent.

Slow performance

It is common for mobile devices to suffer from some performance loss or incredibly slow performance. One of the reasons is the storage space is almost full, therefore, making the apps unable to save data and run efficiently. Another thing, if too many apps are open that the RAM is consumed by a large amount.

Generally, Mobile OS has configuration settings that enable you to stop any apps or view the resources used by those apps, like memory and storage. In case of storage space is the issue, you might have to let go of some of the apps. You can also re-install them on external storage space like microSD or miniSD cards.

A device suffering performance issue will give you big hint like heating up so soon. Use the overheating section we just discussed up there and see if any of them is the cause of the heating. If not, it might be the storage space. There is a function in every CPU called Thermal Throttling. This function is run every time the device is heating up excessively, to protect the device. In that case, they drop to reduce the overall power consumption until the device cools down, and the device’s overall performance will drop.

One of the first steps to troubleshoot this case is to perform a soft reset, meaning a reboot. Doing this will clear all the running applications, whether the application was frozen or malfunctioning. To measure the performance of the device you can either use the built-in tools or a third-party app that can significantly point out various issues your device might be facing. If you suspect that a hardware issue might be the cause, you might want to take the device to an authorized facility.