How to make a visualisation method work for money?

A popular visualisation method commonly recommended by many coaches is full of controversy. The problem is that it has to be used in a proper way to make it work for you rather than disrupt your path to success.

What is a visualisation technique?

If you have never come across the visualisation method for attracting money, it is based on picking the valuable things you would like to have in your life or even a mere image of a card with the number that equals either to your monthly earning or to your total budget. Looking at these images every day or even several times during a day will make these things come to you easily. Even if you do not believe in any esoteric part behind the visualisation method, this is still supposed to make you motivated.

Of course, there are people who really make the most out of this approach and they do recommend this method to others out of their personal experience. Yet, since everyone is different, there are enough people for whom this method does not work at all.

Positive power of visualisation techniques

Actually, there are many individuals who just relax with time strongly believing in the imminent realisation of their financial dreams. On the one hand, it is useful since being over fixated on our problems does not allow us to reach our full potential. At the same time frantic searches for the way for realisation of our dreams can make us frustrated and lose our hope if we notice there are not too many options for us let. Certainly, the relaxing effect of realisation that your dreams can be achieved even though right now it might seem you are absolutely incapable of getting closer to them, can be highly useful.

What can get wrong while visualising wealth?

Yet, on the other hand, there are many people who forget about another crucial part of a proper visualisation technique which is moving toward your goal. In fact, many financial and self-development gurus simply do not include this component of success in their teachings. While you might not have any idea how to become a millionaire, you might be aware of the first steps that can be taken to improve your financial situation even slightly. Focusing on these steps and seeing a broader view of your long-term goal is what is needed to make the visualisation technique work for you.

As you can see, mere visualisation is just a part of it. Unfortunately, people are not aware of it.

Another crucial aspect of visualisation methods is avoiding focusing on money. Indeed, you will see enough of materials on visualisation telling you to put a card with a number of the money you would like to earn in front of your eyes and think about the time frame when you would like to achieve. Additionally, you can imagine yourself holding all of that money feeling so happy about that.

What is wrong with that is money should be seen as a tool to achieving our dreams, or, it can even be one of the tools to achieve it. If your dream is being able to travel around the world, that is what you are supposed to visualise. If you wish to have your own house, that is your dream rather than earning a particular amount of money to be able to buy this house.

While there is nothing wrong in doing your best to increase your income, it is not efficient to believe a large amount of money is your dream.