Positive affirmations for money

Positive affirmations for money are probably even more popular than visualisation techniques as they do not require almost any work from a person. If you have never come across them, you should know these are statements usually made in the real time. This means you are not supposed to tell “I will be rich”. You should at least tell “I am going to be rich” and ideally, it is telling “I am rich”.

Whether you are using one of them or would like to try them, this article might be useful for you.

What can you gain with positive affirmations for money?

Apart from the entire esoteric belief behind these techniques, they are supposed to at least raise your psychological state, make you feel better and believe in yourself.

It might seem strange how there can be anything wrong with starting your day with such positive affirmations or repeating them to yourself as the last thing before falling asleep. Indeed, they can be very helpful for achieving your goals, however, there is one serious thing about them. Actually, none technique can make you believe in yourself, although it might appear as something that can be achieved. Belief in yourself is a very specific state that can be lost and gained any time. Wasting your time on trying to keep it can be counter-effective.

What is wrong with positive affirmations for wealth?

In reality, people lacking self-esteem, depressed or suffering from various problems of their daily life can feel even worse after repeating such affirmations. If you do not believe something and do not have energy to change your point of view at a certain situation, repeating a positive statement can only raise your awareness of the discrepancies between your life and the life you would like to have. This can be heart-breaking and very unpleasant to many people and you definitely do not want to bring it into your life.

How can you make the most of affirming wealth?

If you still want to use affirmations, albeit you are aware of the fact you might not be necessarily in the proper state to use them successfully, modify them focusing on the things you really have and learning to feel gratitude for them.

For instance, with money, you can think about any funds you have no matter how large they are. Simply focus on the fact you have some money. You do, don’t you, even if it just a couple of cents? If you tell yourself you have money and its amount is growing, it will not be thus much of a lie and will probably not make you frustrated.

If you focus on the fact you have a roof over your head and food to it, rather than thinking about all of the things you are missing in your life, this will be a way better for your psychological well-being. And when you feel good, you are more capable of reaching your goals.

By the way, there is one more negative impact of typical affirmations. Besides the realisation of the differences between your life and the life you want, there is also an opportunity to make a long list of thing why the affirmation is not true and your brain will certainly be willing to show you this list. That is certainly not what you are looking or trying to adds some positivity into your daily life.