Popular recommendations for success: get up early as possible

Undeniably, getting up early can have several positive sides for your daily life that is why it is one of the common recommendations given by various business and self-development coaches. This can really work, albeit, you should be aware of the fact this can also have an adverse effect on you. To learn more about such implications, read this article.

What will you gain by getting up early?

First of all, there are many limitations for people who wake up late and want to solve various tasks outside since the majority of institutions are opening in the morning and close soon after lunch. Secondly, getting up early can help you to avoid many unpleasant situations of being late to work and anywhere else where you have to go.

The mere thing that you have already been up for some time before going out and starting your working day is of immense help as your brain is already fully active and capable of problem-solving. This is especially true for night owls. While it is better for them to wake up later as they really feel themselves better, if they actually do not have an opportunity to choose their working hours and have to adjust to the existing ones, this might be rather challenging for them to wake up late and straight get to work.

Finally, your productivity also depends on hours and it is not necessarily defined by merely being a night owl or an early bird. Even if you love staying up late watching TV series, it does not necessarily mean you will feel great working on a difficult project during the late hours.

What can go wrong if you get up early?

Still, using the rule of waking up as early as possible as a way to success cannot be universal. Indeed, there are so many great examples of people starting their day as early as at 5 am or even right after 4 who managed to achieve incredible successes in their lives, but it does not mean everyone is supposed to live according to these rules.

Furthermore, a lot of things are changing in the same person even during different seasons. For example, an early bird might feel happy to wake up at 5 am during the summer, however, it can still be a real torture during the winter. In addition to it, you should also take into consideration you working hours.

If your work starts at 9 am and you decide to wake up at 4:30 am, in all likelihood, you will feel tired soon after starting your working day. It is simply inevitable and you should be aware of that. Indeed, your whole working day will be switching in such a way. For example, if you need eight hours for a proper sleep, you will have to go to bed at least at 8:30 and starting your working day at 9 am means you will probably finish it at 5 pm. This means you will have to get to bed almost in 3 hours so for your body this will already be an evening and a pre-bed time.

How can you make early cycle work for you?

As you can see, to make the most of the early-morning piece of advice, you should take a variety of things in account starting from your personal cycle to your everyday chores. Certainly, there are people for whom this might work, especially for those who are setting their working schedule on their own and perform tasks remotely, however, it does not mean you have to push yourself trying to use this rule in your own life just because Benjamin Franklin used to wake up at 5 am.

By the way, do not forget about serious implications of such switches on your health. For instance, night owls will still feel rather sleepy waking up thus early even after a full sleep of eight hours which is the result of their bodies still producing melatonin. At the same time, such drastic changes in the day plan can confuse your body a lot especially about the time when you are supposed to have your meals. While the stress coming with such severe changes itself can stress you and alleviate the level of sugar in your blood, you can also become more prone to overeating staying up in rather unusual hours.