If you cannot go towards your goals, you have to crawl

One more common recommendation given by very ambitious and goal-oriented people of success is to do whatever is possible to reach your goal even if virtually nothing can be done. Whether it is really a good approach to your goals or not, you will find out in this article.

Who might benefit from it?

Although it might seem plausible since there are so many situations which seem to be obstacles in our lives to our goals making us drop our dreams when actually a little more of persistence and perseverance could have brought it where we wanted to be. Unfortunately, we usually realise it when our lives become even more complicated or when we meet people who were in a similar situation and have anyway achieved what we were longing for.

Such an attitude is also good for people who tend to focus on negative sides of their lives and complain too much about their lives. If they look at their situation in such a way and force themselves to move, they might be more successful in keeping themselves disciplined and can actually reach their goals.

What is wrong with such an attitude?

Just like it is any other case of recommendations aiming to improve your life and financial situation, it cannot be used universally. There are also enough of people who are extremely serious about their goals giving them too much of importance.

This importance goes beyond a reasonable level of being wiling to achieve something. Such people are building a dependency model with their goals which means they believe they can be happy if and only if they achieve their goal. There might be variations of such an attitude, for instance, a person might believe achieving something is the only way to show others that he or she is a worthy person. Another common situation is for a person to feel like nothing else matters apart from this goal.

These goals become unhealthy fixations of people who can miss a lot of other crucial aspects of their lives on their path to their goals. These people can easily ignore other people including the closest ones or even their own health and well-being for the sake of their goal. Unfortunately, reaching such aims for these people is not as enjoyable as it might seem to others. Actually, the realisation of this achievement might give a short-term pleasant feeling which will soon turn into a nagging and depressing feeling of emptiness which is unavoidable since such an individual has put too much on stakes.

What should you keep in mind while trying to achieve your goals?

There have to be a healthy balance on your way to achieving your goals. The very first thing you should understand you are not your goals. It is amazing to have them since they can enrich your life immensely and give you a fantastic feeling of achievements, development and growth, however, they should work for you in the first place and you cannot become their slaves.

At the same time, besides all of these serious mental implications of clinging too much to your goals, there is also a very simple rule. You should take care of your physical and mental health and you have a right to make a break when you really need it instead of feeling guilty or pushing yourself to work even when you are tired or ill.