The more you spend, the more you get

There is a common believe related to the visualisation and affirmation techniques commonly used by business coaches. It tells that the more money you spend, the more money you can get in return.

Well, unlike the majority of other common recommendations about money, this one does not seem obvious to the majority of people. Certainly, how on earth are you supposed to become richer if you are spending more money than you are supposed to?

Will you really get more money by spending more?

Unfortunately, there are people who might believe into this rule without further investigation and there are also business coaches who will simply not break the meaning of this statement down for their trainees. You can easily imagine what will happen in such a situation.

A person can start spending as much money as he or she wants getting into real financial troubles pretty quickly. Needless to say, this is a rather dangerous belief especially if you are going to spend your money not on yourself and on someone else.

Supposing this statement should really work for you, we can think about some hidden meaning in it although you should be careful since your mentor might not have meant it in the way we can see it.

Possible meaning behind the statement

When it comes to money, there is a huge difference between being rich and being able to save a lot of money. This is crucial and you should really see it if you would like to be wealthy.

Certainly, here comes an aspect of investment which is crucial for generating more income and which can be rather scary to people who are focused on saving money rather than on increasing their income.

Yet, what we are going to talk about right now is the attitude to money with which one is focused on its lack rather than on the fact there is always some money no matter how little it is. Indeed, if you are constantly thinking about any expenses that your life brings to you with frustration and annoyance instead of feeling grateful for the fact you can pay for them even if this will not leave you with too much of money, you are believing in the fact you are poor no matter how much money you have. Certainly, it is not a secret there are so many people around us who have actually gathered a sufficient amount of money and are keeping it until their death without making this money not only bring them some pleasure, satisfy their basic needs or even help them to bring more money with investment.

Even though it does not exactly mean the more money you spend, the more you get, yet, the idea of making yourself believe you cannot afford anything even though you can live a very comfortable lifestyle can go far beyond any reasoning.